Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kitchen Forward Progress

Ahhhh kitchens and painting. That's what I've worked incredibly hard on lately. The inside and outside of all the kitchen cabinets which go very deep in the corners and involve me actually climbing inside them with most of my body and using a flashlight to see to paint them. Ummm yeah that was fun. (NOT!! LOL)...

Even more challenging than the painting of the cabinets was keeping my little angel kitty cat from climbing inside. Most of the time I was successful...the one time I wasn't, this was the result:

Let's just say she wasn't thrilled about having her little paws scrubbed afterwards either lol but we made it through it....all 4 of them. lol 

Just a before photo reminder:

And so far, this is what I have done...

The countertop and backsplash haven't been touched other than cleaned...and they are way worse than what those photos represent. there are nails in areas holding that laminate down to the cabinet...it'll be replaced as soon as I can get that far, but so far...what do you think??


  1. Thanks so much Pat! It's a huge difference, for sure. Eventually I'll get new cabinets I think but for now, it's liveable. Well at least as soon as I get the countertop and backsplash done :)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! This is looking FANTASTIC!!! :)I can't wait to see even more pics!!!!