Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The State of The Cottage

This week has found me juggling a gazillion things. My storage rental that I obtained back when I thought I was moving out of state over a year ago is due to be paid again on October 4th. Though I've not really been ready to bring more things into this house (it's alot easier to work in it with less stuff to have to maneuver around!) I realized I could save some money if I went ahead and started getting things in order to have it emptied before the 4th.

So, when my parents came this weekend, we took off in both vehicles and filled them full a few all that's left there is my leather sofa (that has a little bit of damage from being stored), my bedroom furniture (bed head and foot pieces, metal rails, 2 nightstands, dresser and chest), and two bar stools plus two large boxes that for the life of us we couldn't fit into that last run of stuff. Then, everything will be here under one roof which will make me oh-so-happy.

The problem with being an artistic person is the fact that you accumulate ALOT of things. I've painted, made jewelry (to display my art), made artistic cards, made collages, sewed, etc...which means I have tons of things. Plus lots of glassware, wood pieces, etc in which to paint on. Some of those things were already painted in a toll style fashion which I was doing alot of back in 2008 and 2009 like this one:

So, as I've started going through these things, I've found so much more work that I need to do. It's overwhelming and the house is full of boxes, here's my view from the hallway into the living room: life is a total chaotic mess right now!! lol :)


  1. hey you don't have the storage unit bill any more .. and you can have a yard sale or - find a consignment shop to sell some items .

  2. does it feel like Christmas or what?
    you will get there, take it little by little.
    and have fun rediscovering your things.

  3. It all takes time...step by step, day by day. You'll get it all done! I'm with wreath witch on this one - YARD SALE!! :) Or maybe find a craft fair coming up (I know we tend to have a lot of those in the fall here in Texas). Maybe sell supplies in yard sale and finished projects that just aren't YOU anymore in some sort of a craft fair...Just brainstorming...LOL

  4. lol we all think on the same wavelength I think! I'm planning a yard sale for next week, if I can get everything gone through in time, though I admit it might take me a little longer as everything is so consuming right now. Yes, though I really want to do that. And, Beck, yes it does. There were a couple things I had gotten at some point and found already that will be perfect in this house. I can't wait until I'm doing fun decorative things to the house versus the other stuff I'm having to do right now but everything makes such a nice change and difference in here. Slowly but surely it's all coming together :)