Sunday, September 4, 2011

Very Very Sad

Another night goes by that I feel like sitting somewhere in this house and crying my eyes out as I've done the nights I've not been frustrated and worried. I'm so very tired. Nothing works in this place. If I plug up a vacuum cleaner, it barely runs and lights dim to the point of going out. If I turn out all the lights and unplug everything in the house it has a tiny bit of suction.

Unfortunately I'm not so fortunate with the microwave. My parents brought me some food tonight and after they left, I went to heat it up and no outlet in this house is strong enough to power the microwave.

I took an electrical shock with the wet tile saw and still am not really sure why, as it was used as I've used any in the past. The electrical inconsistency burned the power supply on my desktop computer and money keeps pouring out to fix everything that is wrong. I can't share pictures again as I have no SD card adapter on this laptop, not that there's anything but a mess to show to anyone at this time.

The plumbing doesn't work anywhere except to the toilet and to the kitchen sink. No hot water comes out of the bath faucet. The lines to the washer are also clogged.

I'm tired. I want a hot bath. I want to have a fridge again. (It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow though I have my doubts if the electric can handle such a thing and am honestly surprised it's handling the AC ok.)

For the past few days, I'm wondering if this was a bad idea. I'm falling out of love with this house and I'm miserable. It feels like I need the strength of 10 men and I feel I have the strength of a feather. Even after writing this, I still feel like sitting in the middle of the floor and crying. I just don't know how much one person can take. Everything I think is ready to go (like finally getting the walls up in the bathroom and having the faucet put in day before yesterday) doesn't work.

Even a hot meal that's not from a fast food restaurant seems to be a far away dream.


  1. awww hang in there - things are never easy - you know that - you will love it when your done - the work gets stressful . sending a hug

  2. Thank you Pat - I sure need it (((hugs))) right back my friend :)