Monday, August 29, 2011

A Let Down Kinda Day :(

Time is of the essence right now, more than ever. I have two days left as I write this email. My handyman didn't come until after 4 pm with all the supplies...only to work on the air conditioner that quit, which I didn't ask him to do but I guess he felt it was too warm in the house to work without it. After two hours of that and determining that it was completely dead with a failed motor, he said he was done for the day. Not one sheet of drywall or one sheet of cement backer board was laid. All that work Daddy and I did on Sunday to get the room ready could have been spread out a bit more. *SIGH* But, he said he'd be back tomorrow morning early to work on the room.

In the meantime I worked more on scraping the tub, then I caulked the windows, doors and other areas in the Master Bedroom, found a hall closet with wallpaper in it and finished most of it, and went and bought some insulation then cut and placed it inside the exterior walls of the bathroom so at least one room in the house will be insulated for sure. Here we go:

That's the only picture I took today as the other things aren't really too big in the overall prep but all are very important nonetheless.

I really am getting concerned this house won't be ready in two days, despite all my hard work....this needs to happen:
I need a fridge
I need a floor backer board in the bathroom
I need walls in the bathroom
I need the floor tiled
I need to put the toilet down
There's a hole in my living room ceiling that's not been addressed yet
All room floors need to be scraped, swept and then mopped
I need blinds for all the windows
I need to PACK my things here at the apartment
I need to MOVE all my things from here to there
The remainder of that closet needs wall paper scraped
The electrical boxes need to be attached in the laundry room
The bottom of the cabinet under the kitchen sink needs to addressed around the plumbing
I need to figure out what I'll use as an AC
I need a new front door (exterior)
I need a new side door (exterior)
I need a new lock on the garage
I need a new lock on the front door
I need a new lock on the side door
The broken storm door on the front needs to be removed
It would be nice if I can paint just the back of the area where the toilet will go in but somehow I don't think I'm going to make it  that far :(
The tub needs a thorough cleaning
The holes in the drywall need to be patched in all rooms except the studio/office
The closets need to be washed down inside
The holes need to be patched inside the closets

Ok, I think that's all but ummm there's two days left. I haven't a clue how to finish it all except do my very best and let things fall where they may.


  1. Rhonda, you have accomplished so much already! In fact, you have done more to fix up your house in one month than we have to ours in 18 years!

    Maybe you can make another list of the things that absolutely must be done prior to moving in and another list that could be done after you are in. I know you want it all done before you get there, but this could be a back-up plan. Or, it will at least help you prioritize what really needs to come first. Maybe you have already made a mental list like this. But, the main point I want to make is...YOU ARE SO AWESOME! (I thought I was going to keel over just trying to vacuum out the dust from behind my refrigerator today!)

  2. PLEASE please don't let yourself get down!! You have worked so hard!! :) So let's see. Maybe we can come up with some short-term solutions for the things that can't be done right now (because let's face it, honey...not everything on your list can probably be done in two days).

    Is there a room that is pretty much short-term done? If so, maybe you can throw some drop cloths on the floor and move just about everything in there so that you can still keep working in the other areas.

    As for the AC, as long as the electrical outlets are okay, I would say borrow as many fans as you can! LOL As for the windows, while it's not ideal, you can push pin sheets or tablecloths up temporarily over the windows where you'll sleep and dress.

    Where does the two days come from? Your lease at your apt? The time you've allowed yourself to take off work? If it's your lease, you might see if they'll let you pay a day or week rate to give you a little extra time. If not, could you crash at your parents for a few nights so you'd have some place to shower and a cool place to sleep? I don't know what the exact situation is, but just trying to throw some ideas out there. :(

    Keep your chin up! This too will pass and the yucky stuff will be over before you know it! Then it will be fun stuff - painting and decorating! :)

    Love you and again, I am SO SO SO P-R-O-U-D of you!!! :)

  3. a bad day here and there is expected- you are so close don't get too discouraged. window air conditioner can be a temporary fix and I think you can put the walls in and tape them - I'll see if I can find a DIY on youtube.

  4. Awwww you guys!! Thank you so so so so so much for the kind words. I really have been having a tough time with everything...I can't get on my desktop until the electricity is looked into, so I'm using this old and slow laptop. I can't upload pics from my camera but hope to have that back maybe as early as tomorrow evening. I needed to read these things you guys, I really needed to hear them. Thank you so so much my friends!!

  5. And I'm sorry I'm so behind on responses - I finally have my internet back and it was a huge mixed-up mess but all good now I think :)