Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floor Surprise - In a Good Way!

The old floor is gone gone gone! A new subfloor did NOT have to be laid as the exsiting subfloor was just fine underneath...and here's the improvement:

As for my I removed more wallpaper...including wallpaper that had been covered in joint compound that came off literally in 1/4 inch pieces. My hands are crap - especially my right index finger which feels like it's got a large open wound in the bend of it. I've no idea how I'm even able to type right now...maybe it's just become numb lol but alas, the progress makes it worth it. Here's a few views:

Not sure what you guys think of all this yet but I know for sure it's forward motion...feels slow but looking at the pictures I guess it's really not. I'm just wanting it done so I can move on to more fun things....then realize I just have more to remove in the other bedroom as well as the laundry room... :) 

In the office/studio, of course I've found surprises....a few holes in the walls. Here's a few:

The holes will be easily fixed...but I do realize I'll have to texturize the walls in this room...there's way too many imperfections and getting the entire thing sheet rocked is way too pricey. Still, that can be done will be ugly for a while, but clean clean clean which is exactly what I'm after for moving in as quickly as possible. 

The floor change resulted in my only being charged $200 instead of $400 for the work my handyman did. And, he really did a great job with all of it, too. 

Tomorrow I think my parents are coming to help again. When they asked what they could help with, I said wallpaper removal! It won't be too much longer in the office/studio room above, then I also have to do the closet which is wallpapered with yet another style of paper. Let's just hope it's only one layer, as that would be ideal!!


  1. Thanks Julia and I know you are just being nice with that LOL :D

  2. shut a steam humidifier in the closet to loosen the paper . then scrape .

  3. Ahhhh it's already off lol but I would have had to buy one anyway. It all worked out with good ole scrubbing, though I hope I never see wallpaper again lol :)