Monday, August 22, 2011

Wallpaper - Bye Bye!!

The wallpaper - all 3 layers and 2 borders for the studio/office are gone!!! The walls have been washed!!! The molding and trim have been washed!!! The closet wallpaper - both layers and the border are gone!!! I started working on patching the holes and caulking today before I called it a day but that's room doesn't lack too much more and I can move on. I'm excited - can you tell?? Special thanks again to my parents who are working tirelessly to help me as are the new pics:

It's certainly not pretty, I know. But it's clean. Once I get everything caulked and sealed up, there should be much less of a chance for pests and also there will be a great savings on heating/cooling costs as well. For this I'm super excited. :)

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