Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going Tankless Possibly!

The past couple of days I've dealt with plumbing and electrical issues. The electric was turned on and the air conditioner didn't work. The water was turned on and no water came out. Soooooo....a call to a local handyman I'd used in the past and $55 later, the water was working and the AC was working....I was very happy with those prices! Evidently the AC had sat so long unused, there was a blockage in it that was fixed very easily. As for the water, I didn't know the previous owner had been out to the property and had left the water on during some pre-purchase plumbing work. So, when the utility company came out to turn it on (as I requested), they turned it off instead! LOL oh well it's all on now.

The water heater however is very very VERY old and very will need to be replaced no matter what as it's an old unit that's in the physical shape of a washer or dryer. Once the water was turned on, there was a small leak at the washer's cold water supply where someone tapped into it for an ice maker in a refrigerator plus the water heater once I cut it on at the circuit breaker had a small leak in the bottom of it as well. The $55 fee my handyman charged me fixed the AC, the cold water leak and got the water "on", as well as gave me quotes for the new water heater including putting it in a different room.

I'm very seriously considering getting a tankless water heater. These are more expensive on the front end but save lots of money long term, uses less energy and it will come with a tax credit. It's something I really want to do not only for those reasons but it will also take up less space in a small home, as it just hangs on the wall. I'm trying to think long term and do things as I want them from the beginning....and take my time with it, as I can. My handyman tells me the water heater will be fine to use as it for a couple months but to keep an eye on it as it's a very very slow leak.

And, yes, I know everything is very very dirty....the cleaning began today on the house as I finally have water in there. Future pictures will start looking more sanitary lol

But, I'm really excited about the tankless water heater...instead of that ugly cylinder taking up an entire corner of my laundry room, imagine this on the wall instead:

So much to think about and decide...and so much money needed. This is going to be a long slow process but one that I'm very excited about and ready for :)


  1. They're pricey Shell, but if you have to replace one anyway, it's a few hundred dollars more up front but according to my research, I'll save more than that within one year of use. I can't wait to do it!!

  2. I can't wait to get it! It's one of those things that I think will be incredible...imagine no hot water tank holding water to keep heated 24/7. That alone is such a waste of electricity. They also come in different sizes to fit a person's needs. The total cost including installation (there will have to be water lines run, a gas line run, a hole cut from the inside to the outside of the house for ventilation and the unit hooked up ready to go will be $400 then plus the cost of the actual unit. Thing is, whether I went tankless or take, it was going to cost $400 as those things had to be done regardless to get the current tank out of the kitchen where I definitely need more space.