Sunday, August 21, 2011

Huge Wallpaper Removal Strides...

My parents are THE BEST! They came again today and helped me...this time with the wallpaper. In this particular room, there were three layers of wallpaper PLUS two layers of wallpaper border, except for the closet which had two layers of wallpaper plus a layer of wallpaper border. In the room, two of those layers of wallpaper were PAINTED and, get this, one of them had joint compound slathered over the top of the wallpaper in several spots. This room has been a true labor intensive job that my hands literally ache like I can't describe from doing. But, again, my parents helped me in the room today and, like I told them, every scrape they took on those walls was one less I had to do. And they took bunches!! Seeing as how each layer has to come off separately, it's a slow and tedious process, especially with all that glue. But another day in there and I think it will be finished wallpaper removal wise at least.

Here's the progress:

The closet in this room has one layer off of it and I hope to finish it tomorrow as well:

This is what needs to happen in this room, still, to make it ready for my move:

  • The remainder of the wallpaper off the walls
  • The remainder of the wallpaper out of the closet
  • The brown walls with no paper left on it need to be washed down to remove the fabric softener solution
  • The baseboards washed and the pieces of wallpaper that were painted onto the crown molding, baseboards, and door and window trim have to be cut with a razor and removed
  • The holes filled with joint compound in the walls and ceiling
  • The floor swept and mopped
  • The windows and doors caulked 
Then this room will be finished - for now. It will be clean though ugly. After I move in, I can take my time to texturize the walls (because of all the abnormalities) and then paint them, as well as refinish the floors. All of that will be fun (in comparison!) stuff and will make the place look sooo nice!

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