Friday, August 19, 2011

Wallpaper Woes

My hands hurt so badly I really don't feel up to typing this so it will be short and sweet tonight...scraping wallpaper (that is PAINTED on in two wallpaper layers) is not an easy removal process...

Before (imagine wallpaper layers painted over, though I know this picture looks very good compared to what it looked like in person):

Day One (Just one wall, two layers of wallpaper and the two layers of wallpaper border gone (on one wall) but in need of the glue and backing removed):

Day 2 (Today, glue and backing removed as well as a bit of the 3rd layer of wallpaper as well as the two wallpaper borders):

My Dad was horrified yesterday when he saw me removing that first layer of wallpaper...I said "what do you think". He looked it disgustingly and said "I think it was better before" LOL bless his heart he just couldn't see past the ugliness..but I'm glad I did it, as it was very dirty under the edges of the paper at the top of the baseboards where it overlapped, the paper was painted and there were holes underneath the's a work in progress.

My goal is to have all wallpaper removed and holes patched and everything CLEAN before moving in. Once it's clean, I can always take my time painting and texturing after I'm there. As long as I can keep a little kitty out of the paint...and the best pic of all is Mietta at the new house:


  1. I checked and you have a Lowes near you I think you can sign up at with them for discounts they send out cards like gift cards .

  2. Yes, there's a Lowes about 10 minutes or so from my new place! That sounds great - I'll look into that for sure. Thank you so much!!