Thursday, August 25, 2011

Master Bedroom Done!

We totally finished that Master Bedroom wallpaper removal today - my parents worked their hearts out too!! It was very disappointing when I got in the closet in there and found not one, not two, not even three but FOUR layers of wallpaper...I felt like crying. Instead, I just kept scraping and scraping and scraping. In a very hot, very small space. But it's done!!! Here's a pic of it now:

And I started the laundry room, which is just ONE LAYER!! A thick layer with an odd netting on the back of it that should be interesting to work on but still...ONE LAYER!! I was rejoicing and so were my parents! lol here's a couple pics of that (first is the pile of paper, second of the way it looks now):

My Uncle goes to alot of estate sales and has a good relationship with one of the people who owns the company who does those. He's often given an opportunity to bid on the remainder from the sale, which he gives to my parents to sell at a yard sale for him. Then, they split the profits. It's a great set-up, and often there are interesting things in there. My parents told me they had a dresser in the last load of things, a white wood one. I immediately was interested. They brought's a little more retro than I had pictured lol but this is going to work out - I have plans for it as well, plus it was free and storage - something which I need right now:

So my right shoulder feels like there's a pinched nerve in there as it's killing me. My business continues to need my attention. My life is chaos. But, I love it. I wouldn't change it for anything!! :)


  1. OMG!! Yay for only one layer in the laundry room. It's all about perspective, isn't it? LOL...most people would cringe over having to remove a layer of old wallpaper in a space like a laundry room, but since you've been living wallpaper removal (multiple layers of it, actually), then it's ALMOST big deal! Almost! LOL

    The dresser is cute and like you said, you can't beat free and extra storage! But after a bit (after all the many other projects in your house are over), you could replace the legs if you think it looks too modern. Maybe that would help? But regardless, at least it's FREE! :)

    I know you feel like you have to get all this stuff done in a certain timeline so you can get moved in and all that, but I'm worried about your little shoulder. PLEASE be careful and take an afternoon off soon - at least from manual labor like wallpaper removal. :) I'm sure you already are, but make sure to keep pumping Aleve or Tylenol or something...and put some heat on that shoulder. :)

  2. (((Mel))) Ahhhh yes! One layer thrilled me to no end lol :)

    As for the dresser, I'm thinking it would be great for storage of some of my art things and would be cute tucked into the studio office. I can easily paint it and put some hardware on it, too. Also, like you said, the legs can come off as well. I have some ideas but it'll be on the back burner for a while. And, yes, free is good, definitely!

    Thanks for the concern. It has been better today but the rest of me is so worn out, I can't tell if there's a problem or not lol which means I'm sure that I slept on it wrong or something the night before. But thank you - it does seem ok today.

    I really need to make a trip to Lowes...I'm thinking do a single girl thing while I'm out and grab some take-out Chinese food....see that's the stuff that can make a girl feel better!! :D Love you my friend :)

  3. Thanks!! It wasn't what I had envisioned but I think I can make it work, definitely! :)