Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Onto the Master Bedroom

Today was a pretty decent work day, even though I was on my own. I finished caulking in the studio/office and put a second coat of joint compound on the patches I made for the holes. Caulk is in every corner of the room, as well as around the doors and windows. I'm feeling pretty satisfied that all that's left is cleaning the windows and figuring out how to seal them off as they are old have have gaps, as well as sweeping (for like round number 111 lol) and then mopping.

I chose this next bedroom as the master bedroom because I like the way it's very dark during the day. Since my sleep patterns are anything but normal, keeping a bedroom dark is a constant need for me. Here are the before pictures of the master bedroom...

After the first layer of wallpaper came down:

I got all of the glue layer of that first layer of wallpaper off and it was the worst one yet. It came off in tiny pieces, no matter what I used on it or how much I soaked it. It was small scrape after small scrape, but I didn't let it defeat me....

There are two more layers to go, unfortunately. I thought there was only two total but alas, that was not the case. It's getting there though, definitely. I'm just glad I was able to get all the really bad layer off before my parents come back to help tomorrow. Now, they don't have to deal with that frustration and I think the next layers will come off much faster.

However, not having been in this room very much, I'd not noticed there is broken glass in the window. Not sure how to fix that, so I need to look it up. I can't replace the windows right now, but they definitely all need replacing, so I want to be as cheap and simple (but safe!) as possible for the fix on it.

Ahhhh another day's work including remembering to contact my internet provider to move my service on my move date. And, I did it just in time as they are scheduled that far ahead. Thank goodness I'm a planner because my business definitely depends on a good working internet! As does my obvious social life with you guys and my new blog! :)


  1. Hopefully, this will FINALLY let me comment!! OH.MY.GOSH!!! You have worked SOOOOO hard. But looking at all the before pics, it's looking GRRRRREAT!!! :)

  2. Mel!! It worked!! YAY! I'm past going girl, just dragging every night. It's all I can do to sit at this computer but I enjoy watching the progress through the pictures too. I'm sooooo excited to get moved in!!