Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walls Windows and There's a Tub Under that Mess!

It's demolished!! The bathroom walls are gone gone gone - and thank you Daddy for all the help!!

First of all let me say that youtube videos are awesome. Last night I watched several on how to remove the tub faucet, knobs, shower head and it worked! I popped that little cap off each of those knobs and unscrewed those knobs and then the trim behind it, just like the video showed me and it worked! I never could figure out how to get the spout off so we just worked around it. It may just be on there way too tight but we made it ok with it there. I'll get my handyman to get it off as I'm sure he has the right tools. Since I've been in apartment living, you can imagine the tools I have....very very few lol

But here we go - the walls are down!

And a reminder of what that tub looked like on the top edges with the moldy blackened caulk:

And now...don't mind the sheetrock dust...that will be worried about later, as will the inside of the tub and that lower outer portion near the floor but oh my doesn't it look better!?!?

Did I mention I'm so sore I can barely feel anything? OMG it's incredibly hands are literally mush and I'm thankful I can type without moving very much of my body lol

Here's what was removed, including those big force flex trash bags full of smaller pieces of sheetrock, nails and probably 1000 gazillion razor blades, as they were behind the wall for some reason, along with some St. Louis Missouri newspaper from 1996 (no idea why that was there either) and some kids toys...again, no idea what's up with all that in the walls. Here's the pile at the road:

And, finally, my mom worked on the front window, scraping all the paint off the glass. She and Daddy removed the screens from it to clean and I like it without them. The old apparatus that opened the windows to allow the breeze through the screens were painted shut by someone and the pieces aren't all present to crank them open. That's something I'd love to restore much much later as I think that's adorable but for now, it looks beautiful without the just needs the outside paint scraped, but again, that's another thing for much later...still check out this beautiful window:

So, that's my day's work (and my parents' also!) unless I get a second wind and can go back. I'm thinking I'm just going to get something to eat at this point and say forget anything else for the evening until my handyman tells me he's ready to meet me there to measure the room for the bathroom materials. I feel like I inhaled a bucket of dust (no, I had no masks and didn't take the time to go buy them, but regret that now). So I'm thinking this break is very needed. :)


  1. a lot done - you deserve a break and some Advil,
    what kind of insulation will you use ?
    love the window too .

  2. You got that right! Lol a break and advil...very nice indeed! I'm not sure what type he's going to use but there was none there which does concern me that the entire house has no insulation. There is blown insulation between the attic flooring and the ceilings of the main floor. As for the walls, it appears as though I have none if the bathroom was any indication. This may be an interesting winter - at least I'll know what I'm dealing with ahead of time I suppose.

  3. What a precious little window!! I just love that!! So this is a window that overlooks the front yard? How sweet! :)

    You sweet lady, I'm so proud of you and all the work you've done (and yes, still have left to do). Good for you for researching on You Tube! A friend of ours uses it to learn yo yo tricks, so there ya go...from yo yo tricks to house repair, You Tube has it all!

  4. Yes, that's the one that overlooks the front yard - can't you just see a Christmas tree in that window Mel?? :)

    And LOL on youtube yo-yo tricks!!! HA HA HA!